« An authentic portrait does not embellish reality, but catches the beauty that is hidden in each of us. An authentic portrait is a photograph of the soul. »

It is according to these rules that I try to photograph what is best in each of you. The look says a lot about a person. It tells a story. I assume that a good portrait does not require long dressing and makeup sessions. What matters above all is spontaneity.

As a journalist by vocation, I draw my inspiration in travel and humanistic photography. I work on shades of gray. In my portraits, at the other end of the world or in your garden, I look for a common denominator between people, in a look or in a smile.

The portrait is also a meeting. A meeting between a photographer and a subject, a meeting of two personalities. That’s why I always try to get to know the photographed person.

I have a unique collection of vintage cameras and portrait lenses. Each of them has its own properties and its unique character. I try to adapt this character to every personality that I meet.

In advanced digital technology or on traditional film, I cordially invite you to a photo session.